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Welcome to Child & Adult Therapy Solutions (CATS). At CATS we have a track record of providing highly professional therapy and counselling, adoption support, assessments, clinical supervision and continued professional development. We offer a range of therapeutic solutions for children, adolescents, adults, families and offer sessions for individual clients to whole school and children’s service contracts across the North of England.

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Child & Adult Therapy Solutions was founded in 2013 by Liliana Ghilardi and David Stimson. Along with our team of therapists and associates we share a passion for helping our clients reach their potential and believe that everyone has the ability to do so, regardless of circumstance or experience.

With the correct professional support for the correct amount of time, we believe that ‘barriers’ to reaching this potential can be removed and opportunities can be greatly enhanced.

We offer a service different to most others. At CATS we offer a range of psychological therapies using only qualified and registered therapists and counsellors who are specifically trained to work with children, families and adults. We do not time-limit therapy and will only work with clients that we can fully commit to.

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