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At CATS, all of our therapists are fully qualified, experienced and professionally registered with a suitable regulatory body (UKCP, BAPT, BACP). We offer a range of therapies to all clients and keep up to date with current research and training. Our range of clinical expertise includes Psychotherapy, Psychotherapeutic Counselling for children, Play Therapy, Attachment Focused Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) for adults and children, Trauma and Dissociation Therapy, Filial Therapy and Family Therapy.


All children and families will undergo an assessment for therapy to gain an understanding of family dynamics and gain a comprehensive history of the child. The aim is to try and establish a positive therapeutic way forward and to help highlight any issues that may be currently arising. The therapist may need to contact other professionals (school teacher/social worker) but this would be discussed and consent gained before any contact would be made.


At CATS we also offer unique Clinical Child Assessments which are undertaken without any knowledge of the child or family before the assessor meets the child. The reason for the ‘uninformed’ approach is so the assessor can remain totally objective throughout the assessment process. After the assessor has completed the child part of the assessment then all relevant information from family and professionals is gathered together. This model of assessment includes various specialised projective techniques and child friendly interview techniques to help gain a very thorough picture of what the child is or has experienced in their life and how the child is perceiving their world around them. This model of assessment can include brief written summaries which can be requested by parents/carers/schools or full comprehensive assessment reports which are currently being used by social services and other agencies to help guide their decision making regarding complex family situations. This model of assessment is suitable for court work.

Clinical Supervision

At CATS we offer clinical supervision to child therapists and trainee child therapists. Supervision may be in a group format or individual sessions.

We also offer supervision support to non-therapists, such as teachers or support staff who are working with vulnerable children.


We offer a range of professional development and training sessions for school staff, social workers, educational psychologists, youth workers and other professionals working with children and families. Our training is often tailored to meet the needs of the individual organisation and typically includes the subjects which we feel particularly relevant to current research and theories around child development and neuroscience. Our trainings to date include; attachment, trauma, dissociation and working with and understanding complex children from a developmental perspective.

Leadership Support and Professional Supervision

At CATS we offer confidential coaching, therapy and emotional well-being support to leadership, head teachers, team managers and also professional supervision to those working with complex teams, cases and families.