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As a Parent Support Advisor having CATS within our school has strengthened and enhanced the relationships between families. Helping parents focus on the needs of the child can sometimes be a struggle but with family therapy offered by CATS, significant positive progress can be ensured.``

Primary School Parent Support Advisor, Stockton on Tees, 2014

We were really struggling to cope as a family until we started therapy with CATS. Now we feel like we've got our little girl back.

Parent 2014

We'd been to other services before and feel like we got nowhere, just round in circles. It wasn't until we started to work with the therapist at CATS that we finally started to understand why our adopted son feels and behaves in the way he does. It's still a struggle but we now feel like we have support and hope.

Adoptive Parent 2013

Having CATS in school has allowed us as a school to have a new in depth understanding of the complex children we teach which we have not had before. The support for staff about how to meet the children's needs has been fantastic and the advice has been something that school can work with. The therapy for the children has shown definite impact where children have been able to start to deal with some extremely complex issues. As a school we have felt in control of the therapy and do not feel dictated to by other companies time scales. CATS have shared schools view of continuing with the therapy until the child is ready for this to be withdrawn. We would recommend this service to anyone trying to support behavioural and emotional needs of children.

Primary School SENCO 2013