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Our Thoughts

Thoughts on . . . Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

Last year was a strange time for everyone. I experienced a change in career, a lot of alone time and a diagnosis of ADHD. This was a life changing realisation for me, as I had just turned 33 and suddenly, I knew why life had always been an uphill battle.…

Attachment – The Basis of Human Nature

Seven and a half years ago I first became a father and 11 months ago we were blessed again with another child. We became and are family. The obvious next few lines should be ‘It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me’ and ‘Now I understand the purpose…

What’s your reward?

The brain is a creature of habit. It just loves predictability, repetition and consistency. Think about the things you love in your life, the salivation at the thought of chocolate after you’ve finished the dishes, that first sip of wine after the kids have gone down, that buzz after you’ve…

Shame – The Faulty Feeling

When I first discussed the idea of starting a blogs and articles, someone very close to recommended that I should start with the concept of shame. For this person, having an understanding of shame had helped to unravel some of the feelings they’d experienced throughout their life, but had not…