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What a day!

What a day!

We had the privilege of providing a days training for Beverley School for Autism in Middlesbrough just recently. The day focused on Attachment and Trauma and we loved every minute! All attendee’s seemed to really embrace the subject, which to us is the foundations of our work when providing therapy to the children and families that we work with.


Child Psychotherapist Gill Murray helping to explain and explore the similarities between attachment difficulties and autism in children.



Attachment is an odd sort of subject, one where wesomehow feel we ‘know’ about it or that attachment happens naturally to each and every one of us, yet the more we understand the complications and barriers to attachment (especially trauma) then very often we realise that this simply isn’t the case.


The Inspire2Learn venue in Eston (Middlesbrough) was a great venue and we were all looked after very well. We’d recommend this to anyone wishing to hold any event in the Middlsbrough area.